Groups 2019


We run a variety of different groups through the year. To keep in touch with which groups we are running we recommend that you subscribe to our Weekly Bulletin by emailing us at the clinic.

Exploring Worry and Calming it Down

8-12 year old females

Anxiety is commonly associated with ASD particularly in young people and may amplify the expression of some of the autism symptoms. This programme is designed for young girls on the autism spectrum. It aims to provide an understanding of what is a worry and help the girls learn a few tools to improve their ability to cope and manage their anxious feelings and promote resilience.  

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Moving to Manhood

14-17 year old males

Adolescent boys on the autism spectrum can struggle with the transition to manhood. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) brings challenges that can make this transition extremely difficult. In our years of experience with ASD we have learned that, for many, answers to the question: “Who am I?” are elusive, and yet these answers can provide the pathway to a satisfying and fulfilling life. We have devised a programme that assists males aged 14-17 years old to discover who they are and to provide advice on a range of issues raised by the participants and parents.  Previous topics have included becoming independent, employment abilities, managing emotions and romantic relationships. 

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