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 M   I   N   D   S      &     H   E   A   R   T   S    E  V  E  N  T  S:

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Thriving Now © is an online work readiness and support programme designed by Prof Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett to support adults on the autism spectrum and their employers through an effective transition to or adjustment within, the current work environment. The Employee programme is designed to be delivered in a group setting by an accredited facilitator or as a self help course using the online resources.

The programme helps employees with Asperger’s syndrome (ASD level 1) to transition to the new workplace by identifying their individual strengths and challenges, as well as strategies to manage their challenges and seek support. The programme incorporates online training modules for managers and mentors about autism within the workplace, as well as resources to train a psychologist or accredited facilitator to implement the programme.

Thriving Now © is a 5-session group or individual programme to be run by a psychologist or an accredited facilitator for employees with Asperger’s syndrome (ASD Level 1), and includes online training modules for their employers which can be purchased at our new Thriving Now website. 

The components of the programme include:

For the Employee on the Autism Spectrum:




1. An online self help course including:

Eight video recordings by Tony and Michelle explaining concepts and strategies

Pre-course pre-reading and questionnaires

    Five  Participant Workbooks, plus a Summary Workbook

o    Management of Stress and Sensory Issues

o    Social Communication

o    Adaptive thinking strategies

         o   Managing difficulties with executive functioning

o    Accessing Support and Plan to Thrive

 Audio-recordings (2) – Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Meditation


Purchase our onlline self guided course at the Thriving Now website

We also offer:


For the Group Leader (Psychologist or HR):



This Professional Workshop is for:

Psychologists, HR Staff and Managers of adults with Asperger’s syndrome or ASD Level 1

2018 Dates coming soon

Prof Tony Attwood This full-day workshop will equip psychologists, HR staff and Managers to conduct the Thriving Now programme with employees who have AS, and then to support them to continue to thrive. Participants will also learn how to train staff to work with adults with AS.and Dr Michelle Garnett have created Thriving Now a bespoke programme.

Workshop participants will gain:

Training in how to support a person with AS within the work place to thrive using the 5 session Thriving Now programme, covering stress and sensory issues management, social communication problems, unhelpful interpretations and problems with organisational skills.

# Effective strategies for how to educate and support other staff to embrace the employment of people with AS, to promote and sustain a culture of inclusiveness.

Access to the Thriving Now package for group leaders and employees with AS, including six group leader manuals, six participant workbooks for employees, video recordings, tip sheets for staff and access to the Thriving Now online resources.


Course materials include:

Ø  Pre-course questionnaires (6)

Ø  Pre-course Readings (8)

Ø  Video-recordings for each reading (8)

Ø  Workbooks for each 3 hour session (5)

Ø  Workbook to collate key ideas and plans (1) – Plan to Thrive

Ø  Audio-recordings (2) – Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Meditation

Ø  Video-recordings to explain the course to the Support team for each module (3) – (What is ASD? How do I work productively with a person with ASD in the workplace? Social Communication and AS in the Workplace)

Ø  Group Leader’s Manuals (Introduction plus 5)

List of Video Recordings and Readings


1.1 What Does the Research and Clinical Experience Tell us about the Strengths and Challenges for People on the Autism Spectrum within the Work Environment? (Tony, 7 min 43sec)

1.2. Relaxation tools (Michelle, 3 min 47 sec)

1.3. Sensory Perception and ASD (Tony, 7 min)

2.1 Social Tools for Thriving at Work (Michelle, 3 min 30 sec)

3.1 Meditation Resources from the Beyond the Mind website (Michelle, 8 min 30 sec)

3.2 Recognising and Challenging Your Own Thinking Style (Tony, 7 min 30 sec)

4.1. Aspects of Thinking and Learning Abilities in AS (Michelle, 8 min 40 sec)

4.2. Strategies for Organisational Difficulties (Tony, 7 min 44 sec)


About the designers of the programme:

Professor Tony Attwood is a clinical psychologist and adjunct Professor at Griffith University, Queensland. He has specialised in autism spectrum conditions for over 40 years. His book Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals has become one of the primary texts on Asperger's Syndrome and has been translated into over twenty languages.



Dr Michelle Garnett is a clinical psychologist and founder and Director of Minds & Hearts, a clinic specialising in autism spectrum disorders (ASC). Michelle has specialized in autism for over 20 years. She provides training in ASD for postgraduate clinical students for four Australian Universities. With Tony she has co-authored three books on the application of cognitive behaviour therapy for people with Asperger’s syndrome.